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CRPS of the stomach or abdomen

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I do not know what the letters CRPS stand for, but I am very familiar with the type of attacks your daughter is having. I havehad eight attacks so far, abd I have been diagnosed with residual gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed March 2017 and had my first “attack” September of this year. Felt likea gallbladder attack (INTENSE pain, nausea, vomiting, pain up my right shoulder, etc. I had never heard of residual gallstones, but they exist. I am getting ready to have a procedure where the surgeon will remove mine. I pray I have no more attacks before then.

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CRPS stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Used to be called RSD, Causalgia and many other names. It is an orphan disease, now seen as probably autoimmune, no known cure and is known by some, even medical professionals, as "the suicide disease."

For those of us who suffer with it, it is mostly long term, sometimes, like for me, your entire life. It will start in one area after a trauma, can be as small as a needle stick and is known as the most painful chronic pain disease one can have. In this case, that the daughter lives with this excruciating condition, that can spread to other body parts, is very pertinent, esp now that they are realizing it spreads/can spread to even internal organs. His question relating it to a CRPS spread is important to the question.

Please read about CRPS. Not enough people even know it exists however any of us can end up in this enormous amount of uncuracle, untreatable pain just having your blood drawn. Being in a cast. Stubbing your toe. You can have known nerve damage or not. Type 1 or type 2.

The more people who know it exists, and understand the early symptoms, the more it can potentially enter remission or even go away when caught early. Thanks to you and for all who spend a bit of time understanding this life-stealing disorder. Its very pertinent to the question. Thanks.