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Foot neuropathy after total knee replacement

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Hello and thank you…. I've seen my doctor and his trying to tell me I have neuropathy…. But the strangest thing is I never had anything wrong with my foot…. I've been standing a little with PT but it's so hard cause I can't feel my foot… I'm going to a foot specialist next week… But I knee doctor act like he doesn't care and it hurts cause I have loss all my independent I had before with one leg… Now I need hurt with everything… And it's very stressful… On a another note I'm glad I have someone to talk to…. Thanks again for the relpy

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@mel61913 Hi Mel, and let me offer my welcome to Connect along with the others.
I think you are taking the best next step in seeing another doctor. You may need a consultation with a different knee doctor, but you are getting the ball rolling with the foot doctor appointment. I will be interested in hearing how he advises you to proceed, or what he recommends to correct the problem. I have had two TKRs and not had a problem like that at all, but I know every TKR is different. I have been reasonably happy with mine and I hope you can get this corrected so you will be happy with your also.
Please keep us posted. Your experience can possibly help other people too.

@shalasa It sounds as if your problem is similar to Mel's, and I think you are taking an excellent next step too in seeing a doctor for nerve pain. I'm sorry to hear you have had to deal with this for four years, that's a long time. I am amazed too that dealing with it you had the other knee done. That's great that the second TKR worked out so well. I hope you get back to tell us what the nerve doctor has to say also.

@melcpa86 Your situation sounds a bit different because of the location of the pain. The problem you mention sounds like problems that are common in the immediate time following a TKR but should be better by now. What does your surgeon say about it? Does he/she think this will resolve eventually? That of course would be the best possible outcome.

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