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Dear @parus I participate in many Temple community events! One 6 week class begins tomorrow, and is about Grief and Loss! I am grateful and lucky to be so involved in a Temple environment, which offers me comfort when needed! I frankly lost my Cousin 3 weeks ago last Wednesday; which was eerily the night I attended a class on Grief and Loss! I didn't know my Cousin had passed away until my Father called on the following morning! I also lost my Mother 7 and one half prior to my Stroke on 05/04/01 (October 28, 2000)!!!!! I am looking forward to participating in this class tomorrow morning; as it will get me out of my house and into a "better place", both literally and spiritually!
I always appreciate feedback, because it reminds me how important having others who have similar experiences, both cope and offer helpful, honest feedback for someone like myself!
Thank you very much!
Shelley Mintz