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Debbra Williams, Alumna Mentor (@debbraw)

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@debraw Thank you so much for having this important discussion about Gratitude journals, and what to be thankful for on a daily basis! I have been ill and depressed lately, because smoke from my Neighbor's apartment, is causing me such an inability to breathe in my own apartment! I have lived across from a Neighbor who smokes 24/7! I have a Cooling Tower, which only works slightly; however, my inability to control my Environment has made me think twice about exactly what to be Grateful for at this point in my life! However, I am thankful for actually waking up this morning, for my family and friends; but mostly because I actually have a life worthwhile after having a severe Stroke on May 4, 2001! I am also thankful my Temple Community, which keeps things in perspective, and is helping me face the reality of life's bumps and the ability to bounce back after suffering emergency situations!

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@rachelanne I could recommend the HEPA air filter that I use that was recommended by my doctor. It would clear out the smoke particulate and any fumes or solvents and allergens. Here's a link. https://foustco.com/all-products/air-purifiers/160r2-room-air-purifier/ It has both a HEPA if you get the Techostat filter (better one) and activated coconut carbon and a commercial grade blower motor. It is quieter than the Honeywell type HEPA filters and the filter needs to be repacked every 6 – 12 months depending on conditions. I do mine once a year and it costs about $70 to repack it. I also have the more expensive bigger air filter in my main level. You can also buy a box of disposable surgical masks. They do help a bit and are comfortable for when you can't be next to the filter. I wear them for house cleaning. I have asthma and have had lots of breathing problems.