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Has anyone tried the HF10 Spinal Cord Stimulation Device?

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That's a good question. We've gone through all the vitamin, pain meds, acupuncture, laser massages, caudal nerve blocks, pudendal nerve blocks, MRIs, X-Rays, etc. treatments to find relief or source of the problem but so far come up with nothing. From other research that I've done I'm leaning towards nerve entrapment as being the possible cause of my wife's pain. There are a lot of articles referencing PNE or Pudendal Nerve Entrapment as a cause of this pain. It is quite common and there are clinics around the country who treat such conditions. In these cases the cure is to remove the entrapment source which usually is a muscle tightening up and causing pressure on the pudendal nerve. The symptoms of PNE are exactly like what my wife has. However, most doctors are not supportive of this.

I was told by a Physical Therapist that pain due to a torn rotator cuff and then scar tissue entrapping a nerve is common. So I'm still leaning in the direction of PNE. We are also looking into inversion tables which can stretch the spinal column such that if there is an entrapped nerve this possibly will help the condition. As we age the body and muscles starts to shrink which can put undue pressure on nerves, spinal areas, etc..

Another pain doctor says that the source of PNE is at the spinal column (root of the nerve) and wants to do a spinal injection of a steroid to see if this gives some relief. However, this is not a permanent solution and would have to be repeated continuously over time. While we may try this I will still try to find a solution rather than using meds which only gives temporary relief.

I myself have had in the past excruciating lower back pain. It was like someone stuck an ice pick in my spinal column. Doctors prescribed pain meds and muscle relaxers but neither gave one bit of relief. I read about simple muscle stretching exercises in this area, tried it during an episode, and it worked like a miracle. Apparently what happens is if these muscles tighten from exercise, working, or whatever they will put pressure on the nerves and cause pain so bad you can't move. Whether this is due to entrapment or compression of the spinal column I don't know but stretching works for me. I told friends that I would rather pass two kidney stones then have this lower back pain.:):) I also totally relieved pain in my hip and knee areas using simple stretching routines. So for my condition stretching certain muscle groups has been the solution. But it won't work for all nerve pain conditions such as arthritic conditions where you have bone on bone conditions.

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@bkruppa most ppl who have similar conditions to your wife's diagnosis according to what you wrote about the pudeal nerve in or around her sacrum area's. I'm not sure of the exact wording, for that I apologize. However I wanted to explain that there are many different conditions similar to your wife's issues that point to other area's that most ppl do not think could affect & cause similar areas to experience pain. Does she lose her bowels? If not that's not her issue. Also Taking Gabapentin aka Neurontin doesn't help has she tried Pregablin aka Lyrica also for nerve pain & diabetic Neuropathy.
Even Cymbalta works for some ppl. Has she tried a procedure called Rhizotomy or Radio Frequency Ablation yet? Ask your Neurologist & try to find a Neurosurgeon to look at all her MRI'S X-Rays etc.
I wish you & your wife less pain. I'm currently assisting my Husband w/his adjustment of his brand new Nevro HF10 Senza SCS which was implanted in January 18th, 2021.
He is at program #2 & level 3 & he is doing ALOT better. Pain & neuropathy levels dwn he already has about 70% RELEIF in his entire body, including his feet & toes. Im so happy for him. With this Brand you bring your remote & open up the back of remote there is a red button it turns everything off. This is great because you can use an X-ray & MRI, & CT Scans. & When done you put it back on. There is no parethesia but it is on, & just releif, but if there is cramping then it means it's overstimulated. Then he lowers the strength thru remote. But we call the Reps & they're more than willing to fix or answer any issue's. I wish you both well.

Could you tell me the exercises you did for your nerve entrapment? Sounds like mine. I tore my rotator in a horse crash. After that I started getting the burning, stabbing, piercing pain in my legs and lower back. Lots of money and tests. Two and a half years later, no answers or help. Doctors just keep prescribing me meds that do not work.