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My son has ENS since jaw surgeon cut his turbinates. Facebook has Empty Nose Forum which may comfort you to talk with other who are suffering and a few have suggestions of personal products they tried. My son has extremely dry nose that crusts and never really heals and stings and hurts (doctor cut turbinates out with scissors then burnt them – after promising not to touch them (obviously it was not a Mayo doctor), episodes of suffocation, severe insomnia (sleeps in short patches), anxiety, sore throat from cold dry air hitting back of throat, cough from lungs getting dry, unfiltered and unconditioned cold air, can't sense air flow. We are in San Diego. My son has had stemcell therapy with Dr. Subinoy Das in Ohio (failed), has been to Italy to see Dr. Fabio Piazza who does rib implants (3 year wait and complicated since jaw surgeon punched hole in lateral nasal wall to sinus), been to see Dr. Jakar Nayak at Stanford (not sure if he still does implants but he may give injections to "beef up" turbinates and create air resistance). We are concluding that there is no real treatment available other than someday stem cells or regeneration of mucosa – all far in future. One person on the Facebook site takes cotton make-up pads, cuts them, then rolls them up and puts in nose and it seems to produce some moisture and slow air rushing through. Sorry for what has happened to you. My son will never be the same. It has forever changed our once happy family..

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So sorry to hear your son is going through this I have all the same symptoms it is very hurtful to think a dr would do this to anyone we put trust in them so sad

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