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I had the Vivaer Procedure done one year ago this month. I can now breathe perfectly and would recommend this procedure to everyone. I use to sleep in a pretzel position or sleeping almost upright in my recliner chair. I slept with my mouth open and snored before the procedure. The procedure took less that 1/2 hour and I immediately was able to breathe. There was a 2 week healing process which was slightly uncomfortable but nothing worse than before the procedure. The Avaer procedure has altered my life in making me able to function during the day and sleep peacefully during the night.

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@eboch9 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect, a place to give and get support. It sounds like the Vivaer procedure greatly improved your quality of life. May I ask what you found to be the most important factors when weighing the pros/cons and risks/benefits?

Hi there I’m wondering what kind of symptoms you felt? My ENT wants me to have this procedure done but I’m afraid it won’t help. I feel like I can’t take a deep breath and often yawn to help. Did you experience any of that?

Can you tell us what was wrong with your nose at the time? Was there a diagnosis regarding the structure of your nose at the time? Was it specific to your turbinates?

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