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Welcome to Connect, @pastore
You'll notice that I moved your message to this existing discussion about Empty Nose Syndrome. I did this so you can meet others talking about turbinate reduction surgery. Click VIEW & REPLY to see the posts by @healthiswealth1 and @warpedtrekker. They too spoke of difficulty breathing and airflow.

I'd like to introduce you to other members @bellatrac @joannemaisey @warpedtrekker and @ashleyhall, talking about empty nose syndrome in this discussion here:
* Facial Pain – Empty Nose Syndrome https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/facial-pain-empty-nose-syndrome/

@pastore, how long ago did you have turbinate reduction surgery? Did your ENT specialist say these side effects are temporary?

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I had turbinate surgery in July after being told by my physician to get off of Zyrtec-D that I had been on for 15 years. Soon after I did so, I was severely congested and couldn't breathe out of my nose. After mentioning turbinate surgery, I was told by an ENT that nothing could be done for me and that my turbinates had already been reduced (in a previous surgery). I, in a state of desperation and stupidity, went back to the surgeon's associate that I had had prior, and he said he could reduce my turbinates to open up the air flow (with me not knowing the ramifications). Two months after the surgery and after everything should have healed is when I started having insomnia, got dependent on benzos prescribed and now more recently have the horrific symptoms I described above that have thrown me into utter panic and cognitive decline. Any suggestions as to reparative action to correct the surgery or is this now permanent?