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@jamienolson , I live in san diego ca. I have seen 3 ent specialists and one mentioned I had dry sinuses(which I fear could be a symptom of the turbinate reduction 4 years ago. And also a very bothersome post nasal drip sensation(as if you went for a run and have mucus in your throat feeling) fortunatley its not green or yellow but more of a sticky clear white. I was cleared of any major pollen type allergies or pet allergies. My symptom of suffucation (hard to sense inhale) seem more under very humid hot conditions and very cold dry conditions/high altitudes. I am also having issues doing physical labor or even power walking due to feeling breathless. The surgery was also very conservative and still have a 3 sets of turbinates. I have been to the Er and seen various doctors and it apears my 02 lvls seem fine and have had ct scans and chest lungs xrayed and everything apears normal… Yet im still feeling these distressing symptoms. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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@healthiswealth1 Welcome to this wonderful group we help each other with support,advice as to our on condition .Iid like to ask you have you seen a cardiologist?I ask because of your shortness of breath.This is what sent me to a cardiologist long time ago as it turned out my heart wasn't getting enough oxygen

I live in Vista (North San Diego). My son had a doctor reduce his turbinates during jaw surgery. He has Empty Nose Syndrome. What you describe sounds like ENS. We wasted a lot of time on cardiologists, pulmonology, etc. I am not medical professional so this is disclaimer re medical advice. But it has been 2 years of hell since jaw surgeon cut his turbinates. He gets episodes of suffocation and breathlessness, extremely dry nose, sore throat from air rushing into throat and not being warmed by turbs, cough from air not being conditioned and warmed prior to entering lungs. ENS due to cutting off the inferior turbinates (my son had heads, tails, and bottoms cut off by surgeon who said he would not touch them). There is an Empty Nose Forum on facebook. Try to find them. Some had rib implanted into remaining turbinate remnant to enlarge them and slow air flow (main doctor who does it is in Italy-Dr. Piazza-3 year wait and no travel now with Covid). The shortness of breath and suffocation in my son's case are because turbinates/nerves damaged and brain can't sense air flowing in. ENT doctors cover up for jaw surgeon and each other. My son has seen the U.S. doctors (Dr. Subinoy Das in Ohio does stem cell therapy-didn't work; Dr. Jakar Nayak in Stanford (he may not still be doing implants but he may inject a solution that creates volume so you can tell if implants would help). Dr. Steven Houser is pioneer who discovered cause of ENS and moderates the ENS forum (believe has suspended the alloderm implants he was doing). It has to do with airflow and turbinates not sensing airflow. Also, turbinates may grow back somewhat but may also atrophy. Try to find the Empty Nose Forum on Facebook. The people there have suffered a long time and are best source of info. Some report feeling better in humid environments. We wasted a lot of time and money on pulmonology & cardiology experts who found nothing wrong. Find Empty Nose Forum. They are all praying for advances in stem cells or organ regrowth/transplant. My son has almost fainted on several occasions when the suffocation comes on.