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Hello @healthiswealth1, Welcome! Thank you for posting. You will notice that I merged your post with another to discuss Empty nose syndrome. Please virtually meet @warpedtrekker- 🙂

Can I ask where you live? Do you have access to visit Mayo Clinic in Rochester? The reason I ask is the Rhinologists here work closely with Allergists and Pulmonologists. Maybe that's something worth looking into?

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I live in Austin Texas area. So any Mayo Clinic will be very far to go to. But I was planning to go to one of the Mayo locations due to other health issues that my current doctors can't figure out. The issue is no doctors in the Austin area work under one roof and talk to each other to figure out solutions for patients. There is no place except for mayo that does that.

@jamienolson , I live in san diego ca. I have seen 3 ent specialists and one mentioned I had dry sinuses(which I fear could be a symptom of the turbinate reduction 4 years ago. And also a very bothersome post nasal drip sensation(as if you went for a run and have mucus in your throat feeling) fortunatley its not green or yellow but more of a sticky clear white. I was cleared of any major pollen type allergies or pet allergies. My symptom of suffucation (hard to sense inhale) seem more under very humid hot conditions and very cold dry conditions/high altitudes. I am also having issues doing physical labor or even power walking due to feeling breathless. The surgery was also very conservative and still have a 3 sets of turbinates. I have been to the Er and seen various doctors and it apears my 02 lvls seem fine and have had ct scans and chest lungs xrayed and everything apears normal... Yet im still feeling these distressing symptoms. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.