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Chest Discomfort/Pain for 3+ Months

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I have a fairly cushy office job. We don't do much physical labor throughout the day. Summers can be high stress but for now, it's relaxed. We have roughly the same jobs/responsibilities. I do get the pains on my day off, it doesn't seem to come/go with a change in posture or position. I do get up and move every hour or so and I'm cognizant of that throughout the day.

I saw the doctor again. Since all my previous X-rays, EKG and blood work have come back normal, he decided to concentrate on my acid reflux. The doctor doubled my Omeprazole to 40mg a day instead of 20 to see if that would get the acid under control. He said any extra acid can cause spasms and cause pains similar to what I'm experiencing. He said to take a few weeks to see how it works out.

It's been about a week since my appointment and, so far, my pain has been lessening with every day. This has happened before when I've gotten treatment, only to have the pain return in a few weeks. I'm wondering if its some sort of placebo effect now or if the stress of thinking of the constant pain is causing further pain. I will add that I have 10-month-old twins at home and am living with my mother-in-law. So added stress could be causing my acid reflux to spike.

Of the two coworkers who were experiencing similar symptoms, one feels back to normal while the other is still getting constant pains. Although, his pain has moved nearer to his abdomen. His doctor has yet to find anything of note, he is getting an ultrasound Friday.

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts, my apologies for my late response. I'll report back in a week or so.

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@bbbogh – When I have bad reflux with spasms I take FD Guard. Directions on the box teal you about eating with it. There are two kinds of guards- this one is for pain above the belly button. I also take omeprazole twice a day. I'm glad that your pain has lessened. Congratulations on your twins!