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Ritalin for adults for narcolepsy

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Hi @dcwash, I would like to add my welcome to Connect along with @lisalucier. While we wait for other Connect members to join the discussion I did find an interesting study that may provide some more information for you.

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology – Patterns and profiles of methylphenidate use both in children and adults

Do your doctors have any suggestions for alternatives?


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Thanks, John! No, no alternatives at this point. One issue is that I'm on Medicaid, and the drugs that are covered are more limited than under private insurance plans. It's the main reason I'm taking the Ritalin–we've had too much of a fight trying to get them to cover another narcolepsy med, so decided to go with it instead. And I have to admit, it does seem to work. One thing I'm trying to find out, though, is how much of the "hyperness" I felt the last few weeks, which sometimes included anxiety that bordered on panic attacks, was caused by the Ritalin per se, and how much was because of the combination. It sounds like it was the combination, but I'd like to pin that down. Panic attacks, I can tell you from experience, are no fun. On the other hand, I know that some of that anxiety came from not knowing what was wrong with me, and simply seeing doctors who took me seriously and could measure my symptoms took a lot of that away, and I know some of what was going on–the trembling and racing hearbeat–was a duplication of the physical symptoms I had during panic attacks, not panic attacks themselves.