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I was initially advised to take the meds at night with yogurt, and that worked for me, but after reading & watching the NJH video (sorry I don't have the link…) I thought I would try the morning/evening empty stomach routine. Well, that was awful! Instead of just feeling lousy the morning after, which I thought was the Rifampin, I was nauseated all day from the other two, then felt just as bad the next day from the Rifampin. That meant I would feel sick about 6 days a week instead of 3 1/2 to 3/4 days…no way to live my life. So, since my symptoms and energy had improved a great deal using the evening routine, I decided that is what works for me. The only change was from taking with yogurt to just a little bit of cracker to avoid coating my stomach completely. I figure if the meds are a little less effective, but I am willing and able to continue the regime for the full 12-15 months, that is better than quitting or skipping doses because I feel terrible. Just my 2 cents worth. My pulmonologist, who has been treating all the MAC patients in a large clinic system for over 20 years, agrees. And I am a big believer in a good probiotic – one that is labeled to have a specially coated capsule so it doesn't dissolve until it reaches the intestine. So far, after 10 months and many courses of antibiotics, I have managed to avoid all but a few days of the diarrhea that used to plague me every time I was on one.

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After all my baseline labs are finished I will be starting the Big 3. I must admit my anxiety level is high although I think it is the right decision. Can you tell me specifically what probiotics you are using?