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Hi, my wife and her three daughters have this. she had done a lot of research and her eating habits have changed drastically in not eating any foods with enriched flour or anything enriched. She has the double gene mutation. A lot of people are helped by following the gluten free diet since it eliminates enriched food from her diet but it is the enriched part that is an issue not the gluten. If you google MTFHR, there are many references and places to read. Most doctors do not know about this. She was diagnosed at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. She has found one person who works in a local pharmacy that has been a great help in knowing what to do. Avoid folic acid which is a lot of what is in enriched food items. You want the natural folate not the synthetic folic acid. The natural folate will be absorbed by your body but the folic acid will not be absorbed since the MTFHR gene will block it. This is an on going issue and she would be happy to talk to you more about this. Symptoms were exhaustion and her body felt like it was trying to kill her but her blood tests came back ok but the nutrients in the blood were not being absorbed by the body. An "extreme" blood test is needed to determine what is being absorbed by the body not just what is in the blood. MTFHR is genetic and can be passed down to kids. This problem can also have significant implications for women interested in having children. doctordoni.com has articles on this and to search. Let me know any other questions.

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Hi, Do you mind providing the name of the doctor at JHH who diagnosed your wife? I'm seeing someone there for another condition and I think I might have this gene mutation also. Thank you in advance.