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Welcome, @alex12119. I appreciate your advocacy with respect to PICS. More people and professionals need to understand its short and long-term impacts of people's lives. You may also be interested in these discussions:
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How long ago was your ICU experience? Is the acquired neuromuscular weakness reversible? How (and where) have you found support and help in managing the long-term effects of PICS?

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Why is it that people dont understand the long and short term? Why are people so blind to the fact that you might not even be here anymore. My family were called to come say there goodbyes to me on the 17th june and yet it feels pretty much like now i am expected to be 100% physically and emotionally. I dont get the nightmares, but i often burst into tears in realizing i might not have ever seen my 2 sons again

I was in the ICU in January of this year, and was discharged from the hospital in February. As for the neuromuscular weakness, we expect that it will be reversible with intensive PT. I've already come a long way in my healing, although I've also had some setbacks that factor into the weakness I still experience – in February, while still in the hospital, I fell and fractured my tibial plateau, which complicated my recovery as I couldn't bear weight on that leg. I'm starting to transition out of being in my wheelchair full time and to using a walker part time, but still have a ways to go. I have found help from the mental health treatment I was already seeking for PTSD unrelated to my PICS (that I do believe made me more vulnerable to PICS). I've received both outpatient and inpatient help in managing my psychiatric symptoms as I physically recover.