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I think that it's a good idea to plan your visit by writing down questions, as you think of them, then making a list from the most important questions to the least important questions. Type the list, making two copies, one for you and one for the specialist. You get a limited amount of time, so don't bring up things that are irrelevant to the specific concerns you have for the specialist. Be brief, be blunt. By planning ahead, I can cram in a lot into a short visit. And these days, the visits are getting shorter and shorter.

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@tim1028 Couldn't agree more.

tim1028, I also like to write down my questions. I also keep a list and I add to it between appointments.
I agree with the benefit of a typed or neatly written list for the specialist. On a first visit to a cardiologist, I also had my list that the nurse gave to the doctor before he came to see me., To my surprise, he had already read all my questions before he came into the room. He was able to work them into our conversation.

..so many good ideas on this page. I made up a list of meds for my husband (20) and did add at bottom of page that he is a smoker and alcohol consumer: may as well be honest. On my short list of meds I have for the last few years added my Glaucoma eyedrops. When first on them one of the pharmacists said dont worry J. they stay in your eyes… well, sorry, no they dont. Eye drops find their way into your body and you "can" have side effects. Now I lightly press the inside of my closed eyes after applying drops so the drops stay in eyes more than going down the back of your nose, but some still do as you can "taste them." Also am thinking of adding to his list (at bottom) the medication he uses for his toenail fungus (ugh)… but am noticing more and more that many OTC even have warnings on them. Not sure if has been suggested, but try and get a copy of all tests you have done in case you change doctors etc…… great site, thanks!

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