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@johnbishop Thank you for your response. This last time I went to get mask fitting he did show me the one you are currently using. It was to big. He said fitting me was difficult because I have a small face and even smaller nose. So he sent me home with the AirFit P30i and the AirFit N30i. I am currently trying them both to see which one I am more comfortable with. I like them both but my nose gets super dry and I do have issues with bloody nose on left side only (for many years). I am just hoping i reach compliance before the month end. Which is why I want to check this myself. I don't want to go to hospital with machine in tow every time I THINK I am at 75%. He also gave me with a chin strap. But I have no issues with keeping my mouth closed when I sleep. I would definitely know if I didn't since with this type of mask you must have mouth shut. Last night was a good night…I did 9 hrs with AHI 4.1. I do remember waking up 3 times removing my mask because it was getting to dry. That's the real issue I have now. Any suggestions?

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@delilahrose I have dry mouth once in awhile also. What helps me is Biotene mouthwash – https://www.biotene.com/dry-mouth-products/mouthwash/. I think you can get it at most drug stores or supermarkets as well as online through Amazon. The inside of my nose also gets dry and I use a petroleum free CPAP moisturizer like this one – https://www.amazon.com/RespLabs-CPAP-Chap-Face-Cream/dp/B01IOE876W/ref=sr_1_3. It also seems to make breathing through my nose a little easier.

Does your CPAP machine include a humidifier? That's what helped me with dry mouth and throat

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