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Hello @delilahrose, Welcome to Connect. When you take your SD card out of your CPAP machine just make sure you set the read/write switch on the SD card to the lock position so that the data cannot be erased and lost. Then you can put it in the reader and upload to OSCAR or Sleepyhead. Then just put the switch back to the unlocked position when you insert it in your CPAP machine.

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the mask. I use a ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask with a cloth Comfort Cover. It does have a little leakage but that really doesn't hurt compliance – https://cpapcomfortcover.com/.

Have you considered using a chin strap to help keep your mouth closed?

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@johnbishop Thank you for your response. This last time I went to get mask fitting he did show me the one you are currently using. It was to big. He said fitting me was difficult because I have a small face and even smaller nose. So he sent me home with the AirFit P30i and the AirFit N30i. I am currently trying them both to see which one I am more comfortable with. I like them both but my nose gets super dry and I do have issues with bloody nose on left side only (for many years). I am just hoping i reach compliance before the month end. Which is why I want to check this myself. I don't want to go to hospital with machine in tow every time I THINK I am at 75%. He also gave me with a chin strap. But I have no issues with keeping my mouth closed when I sleep. I would definitely know if I didn't since with this type of mask you must have mouth shut. Last night was a good night…I did 9 hrs with AHI 4.1. I do remember waking up 3 times removing my mask because it was getting to dry. That's the real issue I have now. Any suggestions?

Does Oscar work on iPad? Tried to use and unable read on ipad

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