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@johnbishop Do you know how to get the program to give you a column about 4 hour usage in the statistics? I have looked all over both Sleepyhead and OSCAR and I cannot find anything. I need to print out a report for my husband for his job and they only want to see the 4 hour usage and nothing else. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello @jesskpicone, Welcome to Connect. I mostly use the MyDreamMapper program that comes with my Dreamstation CPAP machine. If you have a similar program and can display the daily hourly usage on your computer you could take a screen shot and print it out or paste it in a Word document. I think they are just looking for compliance that your husband is using it at least 4 hours a day so a screen should satisfy their requirements.

Also, I think you can export the data but I'm not sure of the format. It will probably be comma separated which you could put in a spreadsheet that shows the hours used on a daily basis. Here's a good YouTube video on how to use SleepHead: https://youtu.be/FMkBatUVu7s

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