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Thank you for the response @johnbishop I use the Bluetooth connection on my DreamStation Auto which connects to my phone Bluetooth DreamStation app to get the information easily daily–the minute I wake up. I'm always curious how my night went, especially since the last few nights I have had dreams which is something that hasn't happened in quite some time. The night before last I also had more hypopneas which I think I read somewhere may be associated with REM sleep as well as several other factors.

I'm curious if the data on the SleepyHead screenshots you provided is yours or just a generic one from the website. If it is yours, it appears that you are on the Auto setting with Min Pressure at 8 and Max pressure at 13.2 with a 90% pressure of 11.70. The next night shows Max at 18 and Min at 8 with 90% being 13.5. Sorry if I'm being too technical, but I'm curious because I did the YouTube video trip and decided to change my settings from CPAP to Auto 2 nights ago, just for a test because I was waking up with serious heavy airflow in the early morning after being comfortable all night. I put my Max at 11 which was my previous setting and my Min at 6. I don't know the statistics in between, but the 90% showed 11 and I believe it should have shown a lower number. That night of sleep was awesome, but I wondered if I should change my Max because with Auto technically the Max should be set a bit higher than your 90%. Last night I turned the Max to 12 thinking it would probably not 90% at 12, but it did and again I woke up early with pressure way too high. I wonder if mine is not working correctly? Do you know anything about this, or are you still just focusing on AHI and haven't attempted to crack into the secret settings system? I'm a rebel I guess and always have to fuss with pressure and comfort settings until I get it too my liking. Don't tell anyone. 🤐

Final question: Do you think I should try the Oscar? I'm tempted. I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, btw.

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Hi @ilovedoodie, The SleepyHead data above was mine that I downloaded from my SD card. My Dreamstation CPAP was set to Min 8 and Max 18 for pressure. I did try tweaking the Max pressure down on my own but put it back after one night due to the AHI results getting a lot worse. I had a lot of issues with several masks at first that added to my problems and I think that may be reflected on the SleepyHead data. I haven't uploaded data into SleepyHead for a long time so maybe I'll give it a try again and update you.

Fall of 2018 I purchased a Dreamstation Go Auto CPAP for traveling. I had it for about 6 months before using it on a long weekend trip to visit our inlaws in Illinois. My AHI numbers were lower than they had been since I started using a CPAP so I made it my primary machine and am still using it. It is set to the same settings so I'm wondering if my first Dreamstation CPAP is not an auto CPAP but haven't been able to determine if they are all auto or what the deal is. I feel the same about the pressure. I don't like it when I wake up and it's lifting my mask off my face and the air is going in my eyes. I normally reach over and turn off the CPAP and then turn it back on which gets me back to 8 for pressure. It does have a drop to 4 ppm if you tap it but that setting feels like it's not enough air. A lot of my issue I'm sure is my deviated septum but not sure I want to do anything about it right now it the AHI numbers can be held under 4.

I just checked on my laptop where I have the SleepyHead program installed and I have version 1.0.0 – beta-2 and I am running Windows 10 Pro. I will see if I can upload some new data and show you a screenshot.

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