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Hello @ilovedoodie, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I don't have a modem either on my Dreamstation or my Dreamstation Go. I did like playing with the SleepyHead program and downloading the data from my SD card into the program. I used it for a few months and it was a little information overload for me. I do use the Dreammapper app on my phone to upload the data on the SD card into the app and it also uploads it to the MyDreammapper site — https://www.mydreammapper.com/Home/Sleep

My daily goal is to improve the AHI and try to keep it under 4.0. A lot of my issue is falling back to sleeping on my back. I get the best numbers sleeping on my side until I have to move due to pain in my hip…wakes me most nights. I think I'm a side sleeper because I have a deviated septum and my nasal path is not always clear so I breath through the mouth a lot. I use a ResMed AirFit F20 full face mask.

Do you currently view your SD card data this way for your Dreamstation?

It's not too hard to install the Windows version of Sleepyhead from your links. You just have to identify whether you have the 32 bit or 64 bit Windows Operating system and download the appropriate version and if you have Kapersky Antivirus you may have to disable it temporarily due to the issue of it thinking it's malware when it's not. You may find it useful as you get to see what the sleep techs see when you take your CPAP machine into your doctor for usage compliance verification.

Your question on updating the Dreamstation firmware – If it were me, I would leave it alone – if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's easy to brick a device by updating the firmware and have something go wrong and then you have to get a new one. I had an issue with my Dreamstation last year when it was under warranty and had to send it in. It failed the Performance check which you can use to tell if your Dreamstation is working normally.

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Thank you for the response @johnbishop I use the Bluetooth connection on my DreamStation Auto which connects to my phone Bluetooth DreamStation app to get the information easily daily–the minute I wake up. I'm always curious how my night went, especially since the last few nights I have had dreams which is something that hasn't happened in quite some time. The night before last I also had more hypopneas which I think I read somewhere may be associated with REM sleep as well as several other factors.

I'm curious if the data on the SleepyHead screenshots you provided is yours or just a generic one from the website. If it is yours, it appears that you are on the Auto setting with Min Pressure at 8 and Max pressure at 13.2 with a 90% pressure of 11.70. The next night shows Max at 18 and Min at 8 with 90% being 13.5. Sorry if I'm being too technical, but I'm curious because I did the YouTube video trip and decided to change my settings from CPAP to Auto 2 nights ago, just for a test because I was waking up with serious heavy airflow in the early morning after being comfortable all night. I put my Max at 11 which was my previous setting and my Min at 6. I don't know the statistics in between, but the 90% showed 11 and I believe it should have shown a lower number. That night of sleep was awesome, but I wondered if I should change my Max because with Auto technically the Max should be set a bit higher than your 90%. Last night I turned the Max to 12 thinking it would probably not 90% at 12, but it did and again I woke up early with pressure way too high. I wonder if mine is not working correctly? Do you know anything about this, or are you still just focusing on AHI and haven't attempted to crack into the secret settings system? I'm a rebel I guess and always have to fuss with pressure and comfort settings until I get it too my liking. Don't tell anyone. 🤐

Final question: Do you think I should try the Oscar? I'm tempted. I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, btw.

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