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@johnbishop – I think your idea about a way to view all the data at home from your CPAP's SD card – including all the information over the time you've used your CPAP – using the program you found and downloaded will be interesting to other members who use this machine.

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@johnbishop – you mentioned you were amazed when you looked at all your data from your CPAP usage using this program you found online. Wondering how you would say it was helpful to you with your sleep apnea? Did you make any observations looking at your information that led you to make any changes with your CPAP usage?

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@lisalucier I haven't had the chance to spend any time going through all of the data yet to figure out what I can learn from it. I listed the currently supported machines by SleepyHead in the discussion description above. Here are a few screen shots as a teaser. There is also a frequently asked questions and a user's guide you can access from the programs help menu. Here's the link to the user's guide.


I'm thinking I need to go through the user's guide first. Being somewhat techie I normally only use them when I can't figure it out using the program.


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