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Cleaning your CPAP mask.

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@kentyunker, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. What a great post…your wife has a good sense of humor. I've only been using a CPAP since last Summer and now I can hear her snore instead of the other way around. Biggest problem I have is the cat biting at my mask and hose. Happy Zzzz's!

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That’s funny 😁! Thank you for the smiles. You are right though, I keep a small pillow over my ears now because of my husband snoring!

Using the CPAP is "life saving" for me. My father had Alzheimer's Disease and also found out late in his life that he had Sleep Apnea that was never treated. When I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, I was told that it "cuts off oxygen to the brain". I have to believe that it had a major negative effect on my Dad's illness. At 65 years old, I have no signs of Alzheimer's (thank you Mayo). I have been diagnosed with "Sporadic Inclusion Body Myositis". I can deal much better with the "IMB" than with Alzheimer's.
And not to forget…Mayo has been a "Life Saver" as well! Incredible people…everyone of you!
As the TV commercial says…"DILLY – DILLY!"