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Cleaning your CPAP mask.

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@franle– I've used a C-pap for well over 18 years and my personal opinion is all that cleaning stuff is a bit over rated. I've asked my sleep dr. about just cleaning my equipement long before that new machine became available and he recommended wiping the cushion off at least every other day and once a week taking the cushion apart and cleaning the entire mask and water resevoir in warm soapy water. I use the Fisher Pakyal Zest nasal mask and usually have several clean cushions on hand as well as a few new ones. I rotate a new one in once a month and use a clean one once a week.
As for the hose, I've been told not to submerge it and so I just clean the end every week. My old hose with a different machine did not have a heat element running through it and I always washed it and let it air dry before using it that night. I believe through my plan I can get a new hose every quarter, but generally only get 2 a year. People are in general not that willing to take the time to wash or care for their machine (kinda like maintaining a home today vs. 30 yrs. ago). Fear sells a lot of things these days! Happy Zzzz's to you & hubbie. Jim @thankful

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@thankful I am thankful for your response! I must admit I never thought using a CPAP would stick for me but I can’t imagine not using it even 1 nights sleep now. I don’t care how silly I look….I can breathe! I’ve had my machine just 5 months now. Thanks again!

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