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@jenniferhunter What ever you can do to help ,that's all I can suggest if it's in the front might help a soft padding of some kind just does take a long time

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@lioness Oh, I'm so sorry. I haven't been reading my messages very well because there are so many of them that I get. Bless Your heart. It must be miserable
You got a fracture and you are just about like me. It takes time to heal and I don't have patients. My husband catches me bending, or twisting a little bit and he tells me about it. He is now doing everything, Cooking, washing, tying my shoes when I go for a walk. He wants me to work on not bending and twisting, because I have soft bones and could break a rod or pull out a screw. I go back to Mayo in October. My They x-ray to make sure all is ok and then I see the surgeon. I still have some pain, but off of all pain pills and take tylenol that does nothing.
I feel so bad for you and I do remember that you fell I just didn't know it was so bad. Take care my dear and I will think and pray for you.

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