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Hi @jeanne5009. I did not sleep well prior to transplant. And I remember being unable to get comfortable due to ascites and later edema. I had to prop up with pillows because I was too uncomfortable lying down. I only spent a short period of time in the bed at night, and spent most of my time on the couch. I was also bothered with fatigue.
I didn't take anything for it to protect my liver.
After I experienced acute kidney failure and was flown to Mayo, I was on dialysis. The dialysis along with paracenthesis proedures eased some of the ascites and edema, so I was able to experience some relief to lie in bed (still propped up) for a longer time night and day. I do remember that I could get out of bed and I paced the floor of our bedroom at GOL to pass the time and to relieve the abdominal discomfort.
I am sorry to add that this is probably not the information that you hoped for. I know how time can seem to move in slow motion while waiting. I send my hopes and prayers for some relief.

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While a lot of you transplant folks tell of pre transplant horrors, I seem to be just passing the time waiting for one of those horrors to happen..lol. Im anticipating some big drama that will start the ball rolling…or…..maybe I will just deal with silly symptoms for the rest of my days….
My summer flew by with OT for my broken hand, PT for my bone spur aggravating my Achilles and of course there is the ever present impinged rotator cuff plus lots of Dr visits. The combined pain was exhausting and didnt make for a happy lady!
Now, the hand is getting better, the foot is under control…no more boot …and the shoulder is still driving me crazy. Insomnia is something no one in my house understands or wants to. I have restless leg with it and flop around like a fish on a dock in bed. I think a lot of this started with the pain. I managed with 1 Tramadol sometimes 2 for most days. My GP has now prescribed Temazepam but we arent able to get it thru insurance. They keep pushing Melatonin which makes me weird with nightmares….a very scary combo. So…since I research everything, I came upon a report that said there was succuss with Hydoxyzine which is an antihistamine that I was given for my itchies from excema. I am anxious to run this by my hepatologist to see what she thinks. Self management is so important but doctors input is too! Communications between the patient and all the Drs is the key.
This is long but it is a little difficult to type on my phone…perhaps I should try to SLEEP! A novel idea!
Be well…you continue to be my heros!