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@ livertex
Yep…here I am sleepless in FL. Tired all day but no sleep. I'm finding that the rxs for sleep I cant take. There is an antihistimine that we may try. I am Stage 4 cirrhosis with a Meld of 8. Decompensated but very slow progression
Mayo says I am a very good candidate just too early. UGH! My road is long but Im strong…I will make it. You will too!!

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Long yes. But worth it. You learn a lot about your self and make friends. If they ask you relocate do it. It was in and received a liver in 5 day. God answers prayer.

@livertrex hang in there! My MELD was over 30 before they transplanted me (2 1/2 year wait list) and some people here have reached as high as 40. I know that sleep seems impossible but thank goodness you don't have the severe itching, nausea and EI episodes. Resting your body for now is good. When it can't take anymore you will sleep. Don't fight it just get yourself into a mind set that sleep will come when your body is ready. I found the more I fretted about not sleeping the worse it became. Then I let it go and eventually I did sleep.

@jeanne5009 You are in that difficult time of wanting to be able to get a transplant but to get one you need to get much sicker. I managed to make it to MELD 28 without feeling too bad most of the time. Just the last 6 weeks or so were difficult and even then every day was not bad. I hope your MELD goes up too without you feeling too bad. You have a pretty low MELD, I didn’t think you could even be on the list with such a low one.