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@livertrex I had serious sleep problems pre-transplant. Nothing worked…I tried organic and medical methods. I learned that sleep would come to me when needed. I couldn't force it no matter what I took or tried. I realized that sleep would come when my body was ready. So…I watched Netflix and read a ton of books. I found on line (You tube) lots of calming and sleep inducing music. I slept during the day if I could and if not just rested a lot. I still listen to calming music to help me sleep. It's a rough ride but hang in there…it really does get better..

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Thanks for the encouragement, I no that this shall to pass. It makes me a little irritable With my spouse. what does manic mean, am I going crazy .

@ livertex
Yep…here I am sleepless in FL. Tired all day but no sleep. I'm finding that the rxs for sleep I cant take. There is an antihistimine that we may try. I am Stage 4 cirrhosis with a Meld of 8. Decompensated but very slow progression
Mayo says I am a very good candidate just too early. UGH! My road is long but Im strong…I will make it. You will too!!