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Art for Healing

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@harriethodgson1 How exciting! Art therapy (my own) is what helps me. @gailb is taking an oil painting class and has not painted in years. There are places offering art instruction and learning tutorials online that are free. If nothing else they are fun to watch. One does not need a lot of supplies as a box of crayons is a start. Try YouTubing thus. Thank you for sharing about this.

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This is Kathi Fodor.
I am on Mayo’s support because we lost our daughter in early June. Please read my story so you can understand our pain. Thats my daughter and I in a very recent photo above.
In July I started painting, something Ive always loved to do. Ive been painting every day and it, to me is good therapy. Though I know friends and family nearby is much better for me ( us) but because I dont have family close by, it is quite difficult. Painting helps and I know Kirstin, my daughter is happy I am doing it.
Both my husband, Barry and I are both grieving, both of us are in pain. So hard! Some days are barely Ok; other days its so hard! Devastating loss.
In the beginning ( June).. people wrote me and it was helpful
sharing our pain. I havent heard from anyone in three months and its hard! Lonely!
We had company last week and it was quite nice…took our minds away from our horrible loss.
Painting does help but someone to talk with is very nice!

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