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Bursitis in left hip replacement

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Hi @50surgeries – I am so sorry to hear about the pain you are having post hip replacement. I have not had hip replacement, but did have a knee replacement. Thankfully, it went well and I didn't experience the kind of pain you are describing. I know that my orthopedic surgeon would not do the surgery until 3 months had elapsed after the steroid injection, but I didn't get any information on how long AFTER the surgery one would need to wait for an injection.
If you don't mind sharing, how long has it been since your hip replacement? I'm sure that level of pain must be interfering with your post surgery PT – and must be downright depressing. I'm wishing you some relief. Please keep us posted.

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It’s been six years since my left hip replacement, and eighteen years today since my right hip was replaced.

It hasn’t affected my performance at my job as I am a teacher, and I also use a motorized wheelchair. So, I use it in the classroom when I feel that the pain is too unbearable.