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Aging and Changing

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@hopeful33250 We all need to see the glass full you Theresa are a good example of being so positive and helping others is being of good service and balance in our lives With all the problems in my life I as all of us have to adjust I know if I walk to much then my thighs hurt like crazy so Im getting my groceries delivered I cant walk all day like I use to so will just live in my senior building and help others here,I do chair exercises and water aerobics which keep me moving,for this is the key

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@lioness your words are very wise! While I am in my mid-60s, and experience a few chronic illnesses plus a couple of other physical issues. I work very hard at keeping my mental and emotional health as good as possible. My conditions do not define who I am – I am not them I am myself. Do I have the same stamina I had 20 years ago or even 10 years ago? No. But I do the best I can every day based on how I feel. I try to keep positive and understand that I simply cannot keep up with everybody else and they either need to learn to accept that or move away.