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Aging and Changing

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Hello @colleenyoung and @bakerwise, I agree that this is a great discussion topic. Adapting to and accepting changes related to aging and chronic health problems can be very difficult but also necessary.

I struggle with heart problems, neurological problems, voice problems and find I'm always dealing with limitations regarding one or the other and sometimes all of them. It can get mind-boggling at times.

I do my best to keep myself in a positive mode of thinking. I work on all of these matters with my doctors. I'm involved in regular exercise and physical therapy to help with movement problems and to keep as strong as I can. I also use speech therapy on a regular basis to help with voice strength and control. In addition, I was fortunate to find a part-time job after my retirement, where I could work from my home. Therefore, having a continued sense of purpose and a little extra income.

I have not always been so upbeat, though. When the realization of all the disorders first came my way, it did seem overwhelming. It just didn't seem fair that my busy and rewarding life could change so dramatically and I was disappointed and discouraged for several years.

Joining support groups has been a big help to me. In person support groups as well as Mayo Connect have helped me to look at my life from the perspective that what is happening to me is not new, but a typical thing at this stage of life. The example of others who take on the struggle of chronic health problems is also an inspiration to me.

So I continue on and find ways to have purpose and meaning in my life.

I am also looking forward to hearing from others that Colleen has tagged in her post and also @lioness, @grandmar and many others from our Connect community.

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@hopeful33250 We all need to see the glass full you Theresa are a good example of being so positive and helping others is being of good service and balance in our lives With all the problems in my life I as all of us have to adjust I know if I walk to much then my thighs hurt like crazy so Im getting my groceries delivered I cant walk all day like I use to so will just live in my senior building and help others here,I do chair exercises and water aerobics which keep me moving,for this is the key