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Time change and taking medications

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Hi JoDee, I am happy that his recovery is leading to his return to a new "normal" life for the both of you!

That is a great question about meds and return to work schedule. I think that I am a bit spoiled because I am retired and can pick my own schedule on most days. I think that he needs to consider a time that will be the easiest for him to adhere to. What if he takes them before he goes to work and then after he returns home assuming he is on a routine hourly schedule. My preference is to take them before I get involved in something, because it can be pretty easy to hear the alarm reminder and then to become instantly sidetracked. My husband and I have a system where I have to tell him, "I took my pills" because I can be easily distracted if I am into a project or something! It is his way of continuing to take care of me.

I would be interested in hearing from some of our members who have re-entered the workforce about how they manage their medication schedule while at work.

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I travel weekly and normally do good on the morning pills. I noticed a pattern of being late on my evening pills. I now have my phone alarm go off at 8. Many times I'm out to dinner with folks and it becomes a good time to share my kidney journey. Surprisingly, many decide to tell me about medical issues they have. 8 and 8 works for me but if 7 works I would go with it. While I was hospitalized 2x they changed my pill time to 7 and 7 due to shift change.

@rosemarya @jodeej When my husband was transplanted, he had been working for his company for 35 years. When he went back to work he determined 8:30 and 8:30 works for him. At 8:30 a.m. is his first break at work, where he eats breakfast and takes his pills. At 8:30 at night the alarm goes off he takes his pills, then goes to bed. He has an alarm on his phone that goes off and increases in volume until he turns it off. A couple of times he has muted it because of a meeting and has taken meds a little late maybe a half hour. We each have small containers to take single doses of our meds in if we will be out somewhere [and it is a standing question "do you have your meds?"]. We look at it as honoring the donor by taking meds in a timely fashion to stay as healthy as possible. Hope this helps, and good luck on going back to work. Although bosses do not have the right to talk to ask, I hope your husband will share with his immediate supervisor about the surgery so that at least someone there is aware if there was ever to be a problem.