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Travis J Griffin (@travisjgriffin)

Chronic dizziness due to vestibular issues.

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hello – you mention breathing techniques to help with dizziness. This is the first I've heard about this –
what is it all about? Tks Gloria

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Taking a few deep breaths through your nose, slowly and breathing out, through your nose, as slow as you can, a few times helps bring more oxygen to the body (brain). This helps with balance and equilibrium. Closing ones eyes helps the focusing of breathing deep from the lower abs and releasing from the lower abs. This brings focus to the whole body working as one. Even out walking in nature and stretching out one arm into tree trunk with palm outstretched while pressing into its beautiful natural bark, with eyes open, and taking 2 deep breaths and repeat on the other side with the other arm. For me, if I do at least 7 deep breaths a day, it clears my head. Breathing from lower abs makes me mindful of how my stomach feels and to nurture it with healthy foods. Dodir in post below talks about controlling salt, yes, that’s wise! A certain amount of salt can irritate the ears and cause dizziness. That’s my personal experience. Eating only what the body needs to function optimally can be seen a lot more clearly when we practice deep ab breathing. It’s hard to breathe if the stomach is overloaded. If we had a little X-ray machine in front of us showing how our organs function while breathing, while eating, while exercising, it would help us to become more aware of how our systems are so dependent on each other. The only x-Ray we have, is how we feel when we breathe in slowly and out slowly. This exercise really puts us in touch with our own bodies. It slows us down and increases our awareness.

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