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Ablation Success

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I had an ablation in October 2017. I was told it was not entirely successful. I also suffer from a blood disorder which is usually under control. However all medication I tried to control afib resulted in extreme rashes and sores on my legs. I stayed on a 25. Mg .dose of Metropolol and was having some problems breathing and swollen ankles. By May 2018. Symptoms rapidly became worse to the point I was frightened I would not be able to breath at all. Meanwhile my cardiologist ordered a pacemaker with the plan to have a AV node ablation.. My surgeon contacted me and urged another regular ablation telling me that the AV node ablation would leave me 100 percent pacemaker dependent. Due to my age (76)and desire to have any quality of life I chose to be 100 percent pacemaker dependent. This decision was made primarily on the fact I was allergic to all afib meds and if the second ablation did not work I would go through through the severe afib problems that arose with the first ablation as I had no way to med control the afib if the ablation was not successful.
To complete the AV node ablation I had to take a high degree of predisone to counter act the beta blockers I needed to take in order to have the AV node Ablation. My immunologist consulted with this. Both pacemaker and AV node ablation were completed by 9/27/18. I feel like a new person-like years ago-I can partipate in activities and have energy. The problem now is tapering of the predisone. I am down to 6 and lowering a mg. every 5 days.
I do have side effects lowering the predisone but can live with this. Have side effects like asthma and some occasional weakness as well as sleeping a lot.

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Oh I feel feel for you…you have been through a lot…this heart stuff is no fun…glad your feeling better.