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IVIG Infusions

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artic have you had more iivig since oct and do do you feel?

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I have had IVIG since consistently since August and it has reduced my symptoms by 40 to 60 percent depending on the time and dosage. The liver is constantly removing antibodies and IVIG antibodies are 50% removed within 21 days and as a result many of my symptoms would return in week four. I finally convinced my doctor to go to every three weeks to see if I had more of an effect if my symptoms didn't keep yo-yoing. It turns out it is standard practice after 3-6 months to try a reduced maintenance dose so when my doctor increased the frequency of infusions he reduced the dose by almost 60%. Unfortunately this allowed my neuropathy to advance and I had no positive response to the lower dose. I have convinced my doctor to do a trial at my original dose but on an every three week schedule. Unfortunately my PN has advanced so I walk with my legs frozen straight and after 2 doses three weeks apart the IVIG is no longer loosening up my legs. I have 2 more infusions and if I don't get better I will switch to a chemotherapy to suppress my immune system called Rituximab since my PN is autoimmune mediated. If you have a chance try IVIG. From my research IVIG has the greatest chance of reversing symptoms if it works for you and your kind of PN.