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Middle of the night "episodes"

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Im going through the same issue for months. Kept telling me it was nightmares, anxiety, depression. Finally they hooked me up with a continuous monitor for a week.

Just found out yesterday that may average blood sugar is 69. I drops down into the 50s while I sleep and wakes me up every morning around 4am.
I already eat a lot and I still can't get it up very high. It wasn't above 100 one time the entire time I was being monitored.

Is this dangerous?

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Has an endocrinologist reviewed these results? If not, you might consider an appointment.

When I had my problems with dizziness and fainting spells, they gave me a blood sugar test where they have you drink a sugar drink and then test your levels after a certain time. That test left me with a blood sugar of 35 and I should never have driven home. Yes, it can be dangerous and it is often unconscious at about 25. You could die. I don't recommend that test. My doctor didn't recommend anything but eating often and carrying cheese for a snack. My neighbor gave me a diet that was heavy protein, low carb, and high fat and I ate six times a day. I also worked on the noise and stress in the home and "laid down the law" on my treatment and respect. It changed my health tremendously, as I had lots of veggies from my garden. I considered my self cured in a few months and had no problems so long as I ate regularly by the clock and didn't skip meals. Low blood sugar problems are more frightening than high sugar at times.
That is when I gave up on sugar and pasta, but not to a strict degree as I do today with low level diabetes. Did the doctor suggest any diet changes? That is a place to start, as your condition can cause stress and depression. I was miserable at the time, and I am a happy, confident person now despite the diabetes, which is improving. Whatever you do, avoid using sugar foods when you feel dizzy, tired, or scared. Sugar has no nutrients for your good health. I drank milk when I thought I might pass out. You can find good lists on the web. Let us know how you are feeling. Dorisena