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Middle of the night "episodes"

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Hi John,.. the link you included here confirmed for me what I've recently found to help me the most.. I was waking up at 3:00 a.m. hungry and shaky, too.. Plus early wakeups were keeping me from getting enough rest.. felt all jittery inside and anxious.. So, I started having a boiled egg and Dave's Killer bread with sugar free jam for a bedtime snack.. Now I sleep through the night and wake up without those hateful jitters inside.. I also take 1 Benadryl every night before bed, but have been doing that for years just so I could get to sleep.. Now I feel so much better all day.. One other thing I have to do is ride the stationary bike for one or two miles every day.. That makes the legs feel much better, too.. Thanks for posting the link.. Very helpful information...

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Thanks @hotfooted, I'm glad you found something that helps with not waking up at 3 am. I wake up a few times a night but for different old man reasons ☺

@hotfooted I take Benadryl occasionally at night too but I always worry about taking it too frequently. Do you know if there are any negative effects from doing that? I guess I should google it. Some nights I take 3 mg 0f melatonin, that helps sometimes. Very occasionally, when I am desperate because I've gone a few nights with very little sleep I will take lorazepam. I do try to vary what I take because I worry about them being habit forming and also long term effects.

On the days I don't get to my health club to exercise I ride my recumbent bike at night. I generally do at least 6 miles, the other night I did the most ever, 10 miles! I was able to do that because I couldn't increase the tension on it so I figured I had to make up for that by riding further. My husband fixed the tension today, it was a simple adjustment.