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Martin. Thanks for the quick reply. I guess it's the waiting game, and the uncertainty that worries me the most. This whole adventure started the end of June when I mentioned to my GP during my "well man's" physical about certain symptoms I've been experiencing. As a result, I have had all the tests that were for the most part good. My blood flow is good. No arterial blockage of significance, but definite thickening of the muscle. The 24 hour holter monitor is what set off the alarms. At the present time, the meds don't seem to be doing much. I am incontinent due to a history of bladder problems as well as a prostatectomy combined with a diverticulotomy 18 months ago. So, when a new health issue arises, my anxiety level increases. At 71 I guess I should expect certain changes, but when you have been a very active person for so long those changes can be difficult to deal with. Again, thanks for the reply. I will try and keep you posted.

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Glad we connected, Dennis (@ch665296f). I'll be around any time within a few hours if you want to "talk." We have other similarities medically. While not usually incontinent, I have to urinate about a dozen times a day — the result of bladder cancer 10 years ago, preceded by a TRP to remove a golf-ball size hunk of my prostate. I've tested clean of cancer every year since then, but my remaining prostate still gives me a little irritation once in a while. No intestinal consequences yet. If the meds aren't doing much, what had you hoped they might provide? Martin