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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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@bkruppa Do you think it might be what she is doing during the day that increases pain? Does she sit most of the day and is this when she has more pain? Is there less pain laying down when her legs are extended? What I think about is the psoas muscle. It attaches on the inside on the ilium or the "hip bones" and connects to the spine, and sitting shortens this muscle. Because it affects the pelvis and the alignment of the bones that form the pelvis, shortening might increase her pain. That would also shorten her strides when walking. I have to stretch when mine get shorter with lunges or even standing against a door frame and pressing a small ball inside the ilium to release the muscle. These could be questions to ask of her therapist. Perhaps keeping notes on what position she is in when pain increases would be helpful, and what positions are less painful.

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I will check into the psoas muscle. The sacrotuberous muscle also cross over the pudendal nerve and can be the source of pain. The problem is getting a doctor to help in locating where the entrapment problem is. Just every doctor we've been to just wants to prescribe meds.

The low grade pain is random. Most mornings when she gets up the pain level is lower but some days it is much lower. So this is a morning thing WHEN it occurs. During the day she is usually up and around but of course when sitting in the car or sitting anywhere the pain worsens. So we will check into the psoas muscle. We are also looking into an inversion table to straighten out her spine since given that she favors sitting on her right buttocks to keep any pressure off of the left buttocks. The thought is that due to this position something has gone abnormal and now is pressing on the pudendal nerve.

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