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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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@bkruppa I am not sure where you are located at, but I know of a physical therapy facility in Tustin Ca that has had great success of relieving PNE through physical therapy, and there is a neurosurgeon at barrow neurological institute in Phoenix AZ that is very well known in this field.

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My wife has been treated by a physical therapist who specialized in this kind of pain but with little or no success. I will look into the Neurological Institute in Phoenix. We live on the east coast.

What is confusing about her pain is that some days when she gets up from bed the pain is very low and at these times doesn't even have to take pain medication. Then as the day goes on the pain gets worse and then she has to get back on her normal pain med routine. Given this it appears there something obvious that we are missing relative to the source of pain.

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