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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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Hi Oregon Brad,

I am deeply sorry for the problems you've been experiencing for so many years. I work with a wonderful pain doctor who has been able to give me some relief with pudendal nerve blocks. It's very painful to sit, and sometimes I get unbearable spasms in the top of both legs, starting in the groin down to my knees. I have a muscle relaxer that helps occasionally, but not always. He said I could try CBD oil to see if it helps. I got some but am afraid to try it. Just makes me feel like I'm taking something illegal. I'm too scared to try the nerve stimulator from the horror stories I've heard. I have a pinched L5 nerve. I also have fibromyalgia among other issues.
Please let me know you are doing. We can keep in touch if you like.
May God touch you with His healing Hands.
Sharon from Michigan

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My wife has similar types of pain. Some days it is not too bad while others it seems nothing helps. She uses CBD oil and it helps take the edge off of the pain. It is not as effective as her pain meds but again, with the amount of pain she has anything helps. CBD is NOT illegal. It is sold in many places here in South Carolina and in many states across the country. It is expensive but I suspect as more and more people get into the business pricing will come down.

She has had several nerve blocks tried in various areas of the pudendal nerve but none gave her one ounce of relief. Even the doctors were surprised at the results. We are just starting to use the stimulator so we will see how that turns out. Contrary to what you said I haven't had anyone including doctors say that you can do harm with a TENS stimulator.

We are starting to look into possible sources of pain originating from the spinal chord. Given where the pain is my wife tends to favor sitting on one side which may have caused a deforming of the spinal column and maybe putting pressure on the roots of the pudendal nerve. Right now anything is on the table. However, from all that I've researched it appears that the massaging techniques seem to help or cure this problem the most. Good luck and don't give up as hopefully you will find a cure some day. We are still looking for a cure after 8 years now.

I would like to keep in touch. I have never had a support system. I’ve pretty much turned into a hermit and rarely leave the house except for necessary appointments. I’ve been married for 27 years and have have 5 kids. I feel bad for dragging them all through this, it’s been hard on us all. Take the cbd, anything is worth trying to better your quality of life. I will keep in touch

Hi Sharon,

May I ask if your doctors have told you why they can't offer you surgery to release the impingement? Have they told you what is pinching the nerve??

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