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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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Hello my name is brad, new member as of today. I had a motorcycle accident in 2003 and damaged my pudendal nerve. I haven’t been able to sit at all since. I either stand or lay down which is taking its role on my body after 15 years of doing it. People don’t realize how important it is to b able to sit. The pain is constant and very severe at times. I have tried a stimulator and morphine pump both to control the pain but unfortunately the cathider and leads of the stimulated stayed constantly inflamed cuz I have to lay on my back so much. I had the stimulator and pump from 2004-2006. I have been taking morphine sulphate for 15 years now, adding lyrica and nortriptiline along the way. I tried many other meds also, but these were the ones that helped the most and were easier on my body than some of the alternatives. I’m tired of living this housebound life and am currently looking into surgery which I have avoided for all these years cuz if things go wrong it could leave me with no bowl control. My pain management dr. Is in the process of looking for the best dr. For me to c to talk to about impingement surgery, I have no idea what is going to happen or were I’m gonna have to go but I’m willing to travel anywhere for one last go at this. I feel deeply for the people having to go through this, be strong and take it day by day . I hope we can help one another by providing information here, I will definitely update my circumstances as they develop . I’d like to hear from some more people that have had the decompression/ impingement surgery please share good or bad

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Dear Brad, I know your post is quite old so you may have already gone down the surgery path. I have severe pudendal nerve entrapment and have for almost 20 years. I am about to turn 58. I, along with my neurologist did the home work to find me a surgeon. I ended up having bilateral pudendal nerve entrapment surgery. I had to travel from KY to Minnesota to get it done. I had to make three or four trips there prior to the surgery. Keep in mind that the pudendal nerve is quite long and wraps around other parts of your body. Looking back I don't know how a determination was made as to where to actually go in on both sides. I spent a week there and had a five hour surgery. It was a total failure. All that hope I had was gone and I still had to recover from a major surgery. I'd be interested to know if you had surgery and if it worked. I do have an implanted Medtronic pump system and have for about ten years. It has a compound of morphine and marcaine and is just delivering a small dose into my spine that helps block the pain signals being sent to my brain. It hasn't fixed my pain but it has done enough to keep me from jumping off of a bridge. Over time, I have learned that stress is a big flare inducer and I have worked hard to train my brain to push the pain to the back of my mind. For many years it was all I could think about. I hope you have made some progress since you posted. Believe me when I tell you I feel your pain and sympathize. Joan

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