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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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Stretching and exercise for hip flexors may help. If you suspect an internal trigger point may be responsible (you have evidence of that) you could contact pelvic therapies (Carlsbad, CA) and get an LA wand and try some self treatment. They have training videos on their website. Also, you could try and find a physical therapist that can do internal and external Myofascial release – but they might be few and far between, depending on where you are at. I have tension near the tuberosities, too, with sit pain. Somehow nerves are compressed, irritated triggering tension. It’s a viscous cycle detailed in the book “headache in the pelvis”.

My DDD probably fuels it for me but proper stretching and exercise (Pilates reformer, TRX suspension for core and do intense psoas / hip flexor stretches, too, and very deep breathing to release tension (while I exercise)) really helped me. In your case, I’d think internal massage is needed along with stretching and exercise. The “headache” authors advocate a whole program including internal massage. You’ve got to get those muscles relaxed and they’re also all connected (as are the nerves). Good luck!

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I also forgot to mention that I had piriformis syndrome (buttocks spasms & can cause sciatica) and all kinds of tension in upper legs, too (tight IT bands, tight areas/ trigger points in quads, glutes and upper hamstrings). I learned all this working with various therapists. Again, stretches and exercises for piriformis, glutes, may help you. Trigger points in that area can refer pain and tension to the buttocks and anal area. TRX suspension core routines work glutes well, try the figure 4 stretch against a wall for pirifirmis (or get a piristretcher from miracle stretch). Rollga foam rollers are good, too, for rolling legs and glutes. Electrical stimulation of tight areas might help. Some chiropractors have e-stim or you can buy a TENS/EMS unit for yourself. Try rolling tennis balls or 4 or 5 inch massage balls on the glutes or along the upper hamstrings to get rid of trigger points (you may need to rest on trigger points for several minutes to get rid of them). Try the other suggestions in my last post, too. Yes Myofascial pain and tension is probably caused by some type of nerve compression – but it can be made better or made to go away with the right stretches and exercises (possibly). Mine got a lot better. I still have a little sitting pain is all. Try everything, and listen to your body. BTW, a TRX system, a Rollga roller (these are curved) a TENS /EMS system and a pelvic therapy wand will probably cost you less than 1-2 Myofascial release treatments will cost. My thinking is getting rid of this was a do it yourself project for me – but I actually enjoy stretching and exercising. Good luck.

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