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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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new member here, i have been suffering with "for lack of better words" butt pain since 2013. It is mainly on the sit bones. My urologist, who treats me for IC, told me this was caused from the pudendal nerve. He was actually able to do an internal exam and press on the location, which cause the exact pain that if feel. Unfortunately, there is no one in my area who specializes in the pudendal nerve. So basically I don't know if it is entrapment or something else. I do know the pain has intensified and now includes spasms in the anus area.

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Stretching and exercise for hip flexors may help. If you suspect an internal trigger point may be responsible (you have evidence of that) you could contact pelvic therapies (Carlsbad, CA) and get an LA wand and try some self treatment. They have training videos on their website. Also, you could try and find a physical therapist that can do internal and external Myofascial release – but they might be few and far between, depending on where you are at. I have tension near the tuberosities, too, with sit pain. Somehow nerves are compressed, irritated triggering tension. It’s a viscous cycle detailed in the book “headache in the pelvis”.

My DDD probably fuels it for me but proper stretching and exercise (Pilates reformer, TRX suspension for core and do intense psoas / hip flexor stretches, too, and very deep breathing to release tension (while I exercise)) really helped me. In your case, I’d think internal massage is needed along with stretching and exercise. The “headache” authors advocate a whole program including internal massage. You’ve got to get those muscles relaxed and they’re also all connected (as are the nerves). Good luck!

Melissa, where are you located? Mine started 9 months ago at the sit bone and now has progressed to the tailbone. Not sure what to do about it.

Melissa, have you found any relief yet?

I don’t know where you are from , I have had the same problem. I am going to a new pain doctor, he has no idea either,

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