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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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I am curious to know if you have any further successes? I had pelvic vein embolization on November 30,2018 as my pelvic veins were causing leg vein issues, selling and pain. I never had pelvic pain. I woke up the day after the surgery with numbness and tingling in my buttocks and vulva area. The surgeon said it would pass. I had to wear compression shorts for 30days and was in agony. My insides were pressing agains my outside which was being compressed by the compression shorts. I finally demanded to be seen by the surgeon 37 days after surgery and 1 week after being out of compression shorts. Doing my own research I said I thought I had pudendal neuropathy – I am textbook case for all of the symptoms of pain, tingling, burning and numbness and pressure. I feel lucky not to have any incontinence issues. My surgeon said since it is inconsistent it is not damaged and will improve, that I just need to be patient. Meanwhile I am trying to go to work, care for my family and have a normal life. Some days are better than others. Today is a bad day, and it isn’t an illness you really want to publicize as it is such a private area of the body. Additionally I have suffered from fibromyalgia for,the last 10years. I don’t take any prescriptions, and try to be sugar and gluten free to reduce inflammation.

Does anyone have any advice for me? I live in Cincinnati. I don’t know what type of doctor to see- the surgeon has never in 20years had this happen. I would love to know what type of doctors other are seeking for help, and what is helping. I would be very reluctant to have another surgery since I am significantly worse off than when I had the first procedure.

Thank you

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We currently are looking into and having treatments called MFR or MyoFacialRelease. This is the area between the outer skin and muscles or between two muscles. Normal action of this area is to allow one part of the body to slide over the other like one muscle over the other muscle. The theory is that if one is inactive for a long period of time (like my wife was with the shingles episode and bed ridden for about 3 months) this layer can become hardened and not work as it normally would. It can also entrap nerves that pass through this area which can cause pain. Treatment for MFR is specialized massaging techniques that help restore this area to it's original fluid from a harden state. We have also tried some new dual beam laser treatments that offer temporary relief but nothing permanent.

It happened me after surgery too pudendal neuropathy
Its very tough 7 years later

Peripheral nerve surgeons (dellon institute) can be helpful when other doctor's fail. They actually work with "all" peripheral nerves. However, the surgery for pudendal problems is difficult, so most pelvic surgeons don't ever learn it.

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