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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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Possibly different stretches and exercises could help? Some of the nerve entrapment could be due to myofascial tightness in the inner musculature of the hip that could cause nerve irritation / compression? These could include various exercises that release the hip flexors, strengthen (and move) the core muscles, etc. I have had a complex pain syndrome that partially responds to stretching and exercise (involving tight quadratus lumborum, tight psoas / all the way into diaphragm, etc.) as well as tight glutes, hamstrings, IT band, etc., all due to something compressing spinal nerves / other nerves. Yes, I believe some symptoms map near pudendal nerve functions, too, for me. One component of my stretching is also very deep breathing which helped relax the psoas / diaphragm issues. I've been working with a certified massage therapist who uses active release and ultrasound stimulation all over (and prior with a chiropractor that used electrical stimulation / ultrasound on the glutes specifically to loosen them up). These are unusual treatements and need to be sought out – but they did help me and a lot of that resolved and didn't come back – at least not to all the peripheral areas.

That maybe isn't what you want to hear – it would be great to have a simple surgical solution – but quite possibly tight muscles could cause / exacerbate this problem as I believe they are doing for me (See the book "a headache in the Pelvis" by Wise and Anderson who argue a lot of the pain syndromes that map to the pelvic area are caused by myofascial pain. In these cases, symptoms are very much eased by the stretching and exercise. I use a TRX suspension system for core exercises, an aeropilates 700 Pilates system for some pilates exercises (but floor work is good, too), common stretches (especially those for piriformis syndrome and to release QL, psoas, hip flexors and lower back and hamstrings). I use an inversion table (I do have lower lumbar DDD with some spinal stenosis, among other things). I sit in a recliner when possible or use cushions as I still have some sitting pain, too.

Good luck. Please disregard if you've tried this or you feel it's not relevant (and, of course, I don't want to offer medical advice here as I'm not a medical doctor).

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I had this condition for 14-1/2 years after a botched rectal surgery. I sat on a donut all that time. The only thing that finally worked was a short round of anti-seizure medicine. Ask your doctor. Good luck!

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