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Pudendal Nerve Entrapment/Neuropathy/Damage

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With nerve entrapment, what I am experiencing is that for true nerve compression or entrapment, the only permanent relief is surgical release/decompression of the nerve.

I had a terrible tibial nerve entrapment that caused me so much pain I wanted to die. When I had surgery to release that nerve in October, it felt better quickly. Now, I need to go back to the surgeon and have more nerves decompressed to fix my other "pain spots".

I got this problem from a surgery, too. It took 4 years, failures, trying every conservative option possible, in order to find the right doctors to fix my problem. Doctors who did believe me. And to get to a point where I believed what I was told, that surgery would help. To rule out all other options.

There are doctors who specialize in peripheral nerve release surgery and others who dont sub specialize but at very good. I have seen several sub specialists but ultimately went with a plastic reconstructive surgeon closer to me for many reasons.

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I have been dealing with pudendal nerve entrapment since 2008, I haven’t found any doctors that actually help with this, I have so many injections, internal and external physical therapy. Usually what I get is that it’s all in my head. I did get a Neurostimulator, it helps with my other problems, but not the pudendal issue. By the way I was a pedestrian struck by a vehicle. I went to drs in three different states no help, could you give names of drs that have helped you?

Hi @ahayes. I know this is an old post, but thought I'd take a chance. How are you doing now? I've been told a couple branches of my tibial nerve are damaged (motor function of medial plantar and lateral plantar nerves aren't working well). Still trying to find answers/solution, and trying to find a doc who can help before it's too late to save the muscles. Interested in learning what others have experienced.

I realize this is an old thread but I too suffer from nerve entrapments all over my lower body. I too have had decompression surgeries and am desperate to connect with others who have this condition. @ahayes are you still around?

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