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Using cbd to wean off Ativan

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Hi, @sshoemaker1 - welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm hoping that members like @james88 @angrae @cdcc @ainsleigh @gailb and @parus will join in and offer any input they may have on their experiences with lorazepam (Ativan) and/or tapering off of it.

For managing sleep, we have a lot of different discussions in the Sleep Health group on Connect that might be useful https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/sleep-health/. If you feel comfortable, would you share what sleep issues you have been experiencing?

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I’m amazed at all the opinions on here about weaning off Ativan with CBD oil. I am a retired nurse practitioner who specialized in general surgery. I was started on Ativan 17 years ago due to the fact I had a massive them I had 3 AM in the morning which to make a long story short gave me PTSD. I have wean down 2.5 mg twice a day but I can’t seem to get off of that. I have inquired with my primary physician, my prescribing psychiatrist about weaning with CBD oil and there is total non-commitment to discussing that option. These are former colleagues of mine Within the HMO that as I was employed by for 34 years. Do we take care of our own? To me it doesn’t feel like we do at this point.