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Hi @warpedtrekker,

I’m tagging @karenatmayo @wj123456 @sanibelsandy @cabgx6maze517 @vivian88 @surfin232 @balubeje @twptrustrek as they may have some more information and insights, especially with regard to Multaq.

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My doctor has since started me on Lamictal for anxiety and mood disorder. I know it is not specifically for anxiety but it seems to be helping. These issues have almost gone away since taking it for a few weeks. Although I have also gained some weight which may be helping, since my blood pressure is now around normal at 120/80 and no longer goes low to 100/70 or so. I think I have multiple things going on causing the symptoms.

Last night though, around two hours after taking Multaq and Bystolic I started feeling a little off/unwell. So I went to bed. Today I feel good so far.

My electrophysiologist wants me to stop the Multaq and see if any of my symptoms stop and to see if I go back into AFIB. He says my last Holter monitor for two weeks didn't really show any afib and he thinks Multaq isn't doing anything for me.